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Guardian Dietitian provides clinical and general nutrition services to the patient at their convenience.  More specifically, dietary interventions and medical nutrition therapy is provided to individuals who:

  • Are seeking help planning the best possible diet for good health, greater energy levels and disease prevention, this includes nutrition for every age from infancy to aged care and during pregnancy

  • Are looking to lose, gain or maintain weight

  • Need to manage medical conditions such as:

    • depression and anxiety

    • eating disorders

    • heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or blood fats

    • digestive disease (reflux, intolerances, irritable bowel syndrome, malabsorption)

    • anaemia

    • diabetes (type 1, 2, steroid-induced and gestational)

What to expect


​During your initial dietetics consult, your dietitian will:

  • Discuss the reason for your appointment, and work with you to plan goals and strategies for improving your health

  • Take some measurements (including height, weight and waist circumference)

  • Ask questions about your medical, social and diet history

  • Refer you to additional health services if necessary

  • Plan any follow-up appointments.                

Better Health Starts with You!